Philippians 1:21 (NIV): For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

This is the most gut-wrenching podcast I have ever recorded.

On Thursday evening, my best friend and the woman I am honored to call mom went to sleep on Earth and woke up in the arms of her Savior Friday morning. She finally won her 12-year battle with Alzheimer’s. She was 71 years old.

Today, I will say goodbye to her.

I have never felt so many emotions over a period of a few days. I am thrilled that she is set free from the prison of her mind.

But, jealously, I want one more day with the incredible woman I knew 12 years ago before this cruel disease took her mind.


When I had my first baby, 15 years ago, my mom came to stay with my husband and me for two weeks to help us through the many sleepless nights with a newborn.

I remember one early morning during her stay, seeing the exhaustion written on my face, she turned to me and said, “Julie, I promise this will get easier.”

There have been so many times during the past 3 days when I’ve felt her loving presence…

Whether picking out her casket,
Writing her obituary,
Choosing her burial clothes,
Or surviving the sleepless nights while fighting the tears…

It’s in those helpless moments that I hear her voice comforting me once again, “Julie, I promise this will get easier.”


Today’s Bible verse exemplifies my mother’s life beautifully. I am amazed at how God orchestrated that this would be the day we study this verse together.

As we’ve been studying the book of Philippians, we’ve learned that Paul is in prison in Rome awaiting trial before Caesar Nero.

Paul knew that he could live or he could die based upon the outcome of his trial, but to him, it didn’t matter.

All Paul cared about was that Christ was magnified in his life.

My mother was the same way.

I pray today’s verse impacts you the way that it has me.

And perhaps, today’s verse will become your life verse, just as it did for my mother, the Apostle Paul, or countless other heroes of the faith.


Thank you for your prayers and messages during this difficult day. I know that with your prayers and the Holy Spirit, I will get through this.

And, yes, this will get easier.

Julie Carruth


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